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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Something New

So as most people have done, I pushed life off for as long as I could. I followed the rules, I was a good girl - now it is time for me to start living, before all time becomes un-linear again :) Anyway, I started writing a book, a sort of explanation on my perspectives on how to be happy - not different then a million other books, and i got to page 8 or so, writing in a strange and erratic style, and then realized I was running out of things to say. I never really run out of things to say, just in that specific context, I had very concisely said everything I needed to say about the issue. If someone refuses to see what they need in more than what I have written, then they will never see. I will go back to it eventually, or start something else. For now, this is what I decided to do. If I have an epiphany, it could be at any time, and not necessarily with my nose in a word document, hoping for the burn or inspiration to try and explain myself with little reference to others. Reference papers are not entertainment and I wanted people to like being happy... If I could just spread the how of it... So the answer is this - this place! I can talk about all the ways to be happy and not worry if I will ever finish a book, whether it would ever be published - it can take its time developing or wandering off into the sunset, because I will no longer be delaying anything by not having finished the book. Also, feeling that I can help people and it being delayed makes me anxious.

I am no expert, I never wanted to be a teacher, and yet I have been given a gift in being able to pierce the veil that we all live behind. So I guess, I will begin with the beginning. The first step to being truly happy is to be honest with yourself! Take responsibility for what you feel and realize that only you can control how you feel/act/react/interact with the entire world. Put out positivity and you will receive it! <3

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