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Saturday, July 23, 2011

subliminal sabotage

manifestation is something akin to faith - people believe in god, or gods, or goddesses, in the fact that the clouds will bring the rain, that when the cock crows that it may be dawn. so then why is it so hard to see that this is not just a happenstance? we live for a reason, people have spent their entire lives examining our reason for being at all, but as all things it is simple. we are here to learn - smarter then the average planetary body, we can communicate these inner musings, while something like whales may feel that even if they could write it down, it would be a waste of time - you either get it or you don't. so many times in life, we wonder why us? why could this or that happen to us? victims, we all are so afraid of taking responsibility for ourselves and this is wrong. if you have gone through the steps in meditation then you will know that we can make up so much of what harms us.

part of this is just our mind over-reacting to things - we are animals as well as other - we were in the not too distant past, running with the buffalo and living the life of a hunter/gatherer in the wild where having instincts and fears probably saved ones life. However, in our current world, most of the fears people have/obsess over are the sum of a lot of things - all of which can be cured by following the steps from meditation - but i digress, what i meant is that if you went through the steps, then you already know this, but all of that failure is created by you. if you are saying i hope i get it, you are allowing the possibility of not getting it - if you say that you know you will never win because you never do, you won't win - KNOW that you will win, KNOW that your goal will be reached and it will be so!! creating reality is only an effort of will - if you are thirsty, you will find a way to get a drink. your hand will reach out to a beverage and it enters your body and you are satisfied in that. apply that same simple logic to any and all things - anything is possible! i realized the other day that i live where i live, because i like it here. it is not super fancy, not super poor - nice and (mostly) clean and conveniently located - we live to our means or we live to our comfort level - i sincerely hope to kick my own ass in overturning this turnip cart in the near future, crazy style!

That is the essence of what living is - taking chances, making it from one quiz to another - that is what all that schooling was for... the foundation is solid, now each day is a lesson. If each day is the same, then you are not passing the test, you will rail at it as if it could not be different - but it can. anything is possible, make it so. Go into the day saying it will be amazing - as it is happening stop a moment and appreciate how amazing it is - these small things make all the difference in whether your moment is happy or sad. are you sensing everything? learning anything? hear, see, taste, touch, smell, feel that last 6th sense.... find pleasure in what you have, live every moment as if it were the last, because it is, the last moment - life is just a moment, that we perceive linearly - moments should not be spent lost in the past or immersed in the future - moments are for the lesson, the appreciation, and the next lesson - do not waste them in doubt and fear. this is not about wants, this is about taking full responsibility for your choices and their repercussions. you choose to do that, whether you think you do or not - if you want to be happy, don't permit yourself to be miserable - look around, see the beauty in the world and be amazed at the miracle that is EVERYTHING - see everything with gratitude, see yourself in every person and know that we are all one. Do not let subliminal sabotage make your path harder and more arduous - accepting a gift is just good manners, refusing it is rude.

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