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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Universal Consciousness

so what is your theory on how the universe began? are you a creationist? do you believe in one God or many? Personally, I was raised Catholic and find that if one truly breaks down the meaning of religion you will find that the only parts worth anything are the ones about love and forgiveness. I was watching a movie last night, a documentary about religion, filmed very sarcastically by  a fundamentalist called "The God Who Wasn't There." I thought it was pretty well made for a documentary about religion. It often baffles me when belief and faith defy fact in all ways - of course that is also the nature of faith. I am not saying I do not believe in God - I have been an agnostic for most of my life, and more recently I have grown in so many ways that I really do feel that we are not just of God, that we are in essence, God. I would rather know that I have the ability to control myself, even if my fate is predestined.

For me, my awakening was something along the lines of "huh, oh yeah..." It all started when I was in a particularly lost place, stuck in some very bad patterns and decided that instead of going out drinking and dancing one night I would go to a friends gathering. She was attending SWIHA  and learning all sorts of healing things, so this gathering was of like minded people, just reading, chilling, smoking and talking. It was good times, I did a self reading and started to really think about what makes us, well, us. If Reiki  is a valid form of healing then it all makes sense. One night, a few years ago, I had my first reiki experience. I was healing from my tonsils being removed and at a party with a white board, not able to speak and sucking down liquid codeine like it was going out of style. At one point, my wonderful friend, Joth offered me a massage, but we soon found that to be folly. Blood started to gush down my throat, so I had to sit up. While I sat up he used reiki on my throat. It was hurting him, like little nettle stings, and he soon begged off, stating that the acute wound was too much for him. I was entirely skeptical of the entire process. Two hours later, I could talk, albeit not much, it was enough to convince me that it is a viable idea.

Even before this time, I had often touched friends with intent and they felt it. So it goes to show you that there is also validity in other forms of healing. Therefore, I began thinking of what makes humans tick. I mean, what is it that makes our set of strung together molecules work? Think big bang!! I realize that we are just little bits of matter that are strung together, divinely, by electricity. Same as everything else - cosmic dust, energy, water, life! Now we are into a somewhat Taoist view - all matter is the same, so with enough concentration and belief, we should be able to pass through each other, so why not be able to use a force of will to realign the bodies energies? Makes sense to me! If you truly believe something, then it is true to you, even if it is true to no one else - delusion is a twisted form of truth if you think about it.

The soul? Some people believe the soul is like the mind - however, I feel that a persons soul is the base, that original energy signal or signature that decided it was time to inhabit a body to become something more. Art, music, love - to me these are all the expressions of the original energy that we all come from, which is why that elegance that is fine art touches us so deeply - anything that expresses love is like home to us.

Recently I was pondering - there are many professions that are solely to feed us or build structures, etc. but the entertainment industries are insane. Do you realize how much money and time goes into creating art? It is the most honest expression of a soul - therefore, to a true artist, there is nothing that will keep them from creating that soul expression. Like a thumb-print, they are leaving that beautiful print for us to appreciate for as long as possible.

So if we are all made of the same energy, that quantum force that created everything and moves us in a mostly ineffable pattern until we learn the lessons we are meant to learn, then we are God. Your perception, your view, is the way you see everything - If you are unhappy, change how you see it, believe me - you are the only one in control of you and the only one you can control is yourself! To many, releasing control is one of the most frightening things one can do - but what is there to lose? Illusion!

Many people are mired in reality. I am not sure that I believe in reality much. Yes, it is here - yes, I have to go to work and pay bills and bad things happen it is true - but is it real? Is it really so hard to believe that this could be an illusion. Think of the danger room from X-men or the parts of the ship on Star Trek when they would create illusory landscapes for them to live in or fight in or whatever. Could this not also be a similar sort of environment though on a varied scale? Perhaps like Stargate? I admit I didn't like the Matrix when I first saw it - I thought it was just twisting something I knew about, but it is not really that far fetched - You can only be a slave if you don't want to wake up. If it can be imagined, it can be. Our every thought can create - if anyone, ever reads a word I say and agrees or learns something that helps them grow, then I have created. There is an unfortunate balance, but only in balance are all things maintained.

I honestly imagine it as somewhat of a line of beautiful lights and roiling balls of gaseous emission, floating in a queue in space, awaiting their turn to enter a shell, and grow, one day to attain enlightenment - which is more of a  Buddhist thing :) So once we all accept that we are all the same and start giving to each other instead of taking, we will finally be at peace - I am not saying it is going to happen - but I hope it will :) <3 Namaste!

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